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Velké Bílovice

Velké Bílovice is the largest wine-growing town in the Czech Republic. The area of vineyards in the cadastral territory is more than 700 ha, which is managed by over a thousand winemakers. They produce and store their wines in wine cellars, forming a kind of independent wine town, where you will be always welcomed by local winemakers.

The town offers ideal conditions for hiking and cycling. For cyclists there are shorter or longer circuits for cycling trips. They can choose from a menu according to their own taste, such as a one-day trip through orchards and vineyards along the Velké Pavlovice wine route or 242 km long route along the red-marked Moravian Wine Route from the slopes of the White Carpathians in the east to the Podyjí National Park in the west. Nearby is also Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape registered in UNESCO and same as well charming Pálava visible from far away. The wine cycle route in Velké Bílovice is 5 km long. It goes around our cellar, then between vineyards and wine cellars. The cycle route is lined with small buildings (gazebos, wayside shrines, etc.). For the most part, it follows the Velké Pavlovice wine trail and leads around the hill Hradišťěk, on top of which there is a chapel visible from far away, which appears in almost every Czech film about winemakers.

Velké Bílovice is a town with still living folk culture. The wide range of events is based on a rich tradition as well as on the creativity and activity of the local people. The festivities in Velké Bílovice are connected with wine, local costume and mainly all with local music. This makes the town interesting and unique.

The biggest folk festival in Velké Bílovice is a feast (in Czech called hody). It always begins on the first Sunday after the feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary (8th September), the holy patron of the local church, and continues until the following Tuesday. On Saturday before the feast (hody) a festive maypole is hand built and lifted up. For the next three days you can see over 60 costumed pairs parading in the town streets, which is unparalleled in other municipalities.